Sunday, January 2, 2011

Diving into The Dresden Dolls

The Dresden Dolls

Photo courtesy of Photobucket.

Your head hits the pillow, broken light reveals a perfect view, and then you fade. An instant later, shades open and just left of heaven, are the Dresden Dolls. You wake up, and sucking your brain out is their incredible live show, stimulating you into an orgasmic seizure. They enter your life with power, and a no apologies approach. My pen taps to the beat of the drums, and I feel it a crime to review their show mid concert, yet my hand possessed, cannot stop the profession of my love for the Dresden Dolls. I haven’t been this moved since I was covered in dust. Their songs are twisted lullabies that hide in the shadows of echoes, sashaying their way into your subconscious.

The Dresden Dolls fall gracefully into the power of the music world, and stamp it with righteous tunes. Beneath halos of light, the strike of keys pound with passion. Amanda’s fingers make love to a KORG with force, and Brian’s drums intertwine with the energy, blowing minds. The Dresden Dolls invigorate your senses with substance, reminding you that being a part of live music, injects you with life. They are a change of temperature, making your cold heart, hot with passion. They contribute frequency to this life, the kind that stays with you, and makes you go back outside with a fervor that the average person would dub as lunatic. They invoke awesome sauce, slice it, divide it, and separate it in a way that race, gender, and creed, are non-existent; the only thing that remains are the dancing dolls. They let you know that you are here to groove, and what better band to do so. Go find out more about the animated duo at The Dresden Dolls.

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