Friday, May 20, 2011

Brandi Carlile: Something in the way she sings..

Photo Courtesy of Monik Schiller.

In days when all that seems to flow through your speakers is the synthesized notes of brainwashing corporate agendas, also known as Hollywood to the stars, you find yourself becoming numb. Good music is traded like barters along the road of hard travels, and only the strong survive. Then there are moments where a gift comes along, packaged in beautiful lyrics, and a soulful voice. In this case the gift is Brandi Carlile, who is a reminder that true artists survive under the shiny bubble wrap, and still find the strength to carry on the message of passion to all.

The lights dimmed, and to the rise of voices of anticipation, Brandi Carlile enters the scene. With the air of Elvis, the soul of the Indigo Girls, and an in process canvas that was uniquely hers, the stage welcomed her entrance. Her demeanor invoked memories of Idgie of Fried Green Tomatoes, and she smiled with the side grin of Marilyn Monroe. She moved forward, and as if her every move was in sync, she pulled her mouth closely to the microphone, and greeted Dallas. The voice that exuded was as if a Cuban cigar was laced in silk.

She began to sing with the intention of a poet, speaking from the heart of the connection, which exists amongst us all. She enchanted the audience with her songs that weaved together the stories from where they were inspired. In a move that has long become shunned from the music industry, Brandi unplugged her fellow musicians, and herself, and shared a divinely intimate moment with her audience. The unexpected surprise was enough to etch itself into the hearts and minds of all who were there to share in her music. What Brandi brought to the table, was a nicely aged, fine glass of wine, for all to share, and embark on this journey together.

What can confidently be said of this incredible woman, is that her predecessors would be proud, and that one day in the future, she will be noted with the greats

Do yourself a favor, and take the time to meet Brandi Carlile.

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