Thursday, July 7, 2011

People at Parties - ReBoot.


Photo Courtesy of Bex Wade Photography

For those who are yearning for that emotion that so seamlessly binds your soul, and mind with its beat; and those who are searching for that time when music spoke directly to the bloody member referred to as the heart; I have the just what you’ve been fiending for.

People At Parties climbs inside you like the first day of summer, and revitalize the dance that’s been sleeping within. They breathe new life into a familiar place, where passion reigns supreme, and we are all willing subjects to the beat. An impressive arsenal of vibrations laid out on shiny tracks; PAP grabs you out of your sleep. They shake the dust off of your eyes, transforming it into glitter, worshipped by the sun. Their music is pure electric love pumping through your veins.

They have slid in, and pressed execute all. Bringing back a generation that helped shape the music industry that molded every facet of the creative world, and infused a sense of worth in sound. The result, orgo-electro.

It will not be long before they will be pumping through air, and fists in the clubs. Snap a break, and get some perspective, As they Say, they’ll blow your mind. People at Parties for your indulgence.

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